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The Exorcist: Legion VR is in the Top 10 VR experiences for 2018!

Eurogamer has named The Exorcist: Legion VR #8 in the top 10 best PSVR games of 2018. We share the list with other hits such as Beat Saber, Moss, Astrobot, Firewall and The Persistence. Read the full list here.

“If you enjoy scary VR games then you really should check this one out because it's one of the best produced horror titles available on the platform.”

Over Coffee Podcast: VR Narratives & Immersion


Excerpt from the conversation with Dot Cannon at the "Over Coffee Podcast" re: everything from the VR narrative process to anticipated technology improvements including wireless and stand-alone 6DOF. Much credit goes to Wolf & Wood Interactive who brought their unique vision to bear. Listen to the full discussion here:

Interview courtesy of Two Maverix.

Immersive narrative experiences.  For inquiries, please see the contact page.